6 Important Points to know Before Hair Transplant


For one’s charismatic personality, hair is considered as the most crucial aspect. Baldness problem may become a major turn off as hair fall problem causes low self-esteem and damage their confidence.

Though hair loss problem is genetic but it can be cured hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant is having negligible probability of risk as it does not cause any major side effect if the treatment is the done by the scientist. The surgery greatly resolves the agony of countless people and provides them back their alluring image.

But before going towards the hair transplant, you must be familiar with following things:

  1. You must be the right candidate to get hair transplant

It is essential to know the things that what makes you as a right candidate for hair transplant. Do not get hair transplant at very young age or when your hair loss problem has just commenced because this may accelerate the hair loss.

  1. Hair transplant is not a fascination

Before going for the treatment, you must prepare your mind that hair growth after the surgery is different for every person. The quality and quality of hair growth depends on donor hair.

  1. The hair after surgery can be treated as normal hair

Once your hair starts growing, you can treat them as normal as these are having no difference than normal hair.

  1. The surgery is permanent

Since the hair is taken from the donor area and relocated to the bald area, it makes the hair transplant surgery a permanent process.

  1. Emergence of transplanted hair

One the hair growth has commenced the transplanted hair never fall and becomes the permanent part of your scalp.

  1. The post surgery precautions are vital to take

When you are going for the hair transplant in Canada, you must keep in mind that it will take some time to get back to your normal life.