How to treat hair loss in women

Treating hair loss in women is a hard task on their part and on the doctor’s part simply because it occurs in a different way from that of men and not all women are willing to settle on one doctor for a long time. It tortures mentally and physically and leads to insecurity. The causes of female hair loss are quite many and many women are unaware of them. Telogen Effluvium is a common cause of hair loss and it occurs after one has had a stressful event for example pregnancy or battling with drugs. This problem can never be known unless laboratory tests are carried out and a major diagnosis

Treating hair loss has to start with the patient herself and after which a doctor completes the treatment. First and foremost the way a woman takes care of her hair at home must be in line with the techniques that can protect it from falling out.

  • Always avoid over-styling of hair since it exposes it to heat
  • Carry out regular exercises that include running and swimming, this will help you eliminate stress
  • Wash your hair frequently to remove dirt on the scalp that hinders its growth
  • Aim at improving hormonal balances, with this; take more fruits, vegetables, antioxidants and vitamin supplements

PRP Therapy can help a woman bring back her hair and if at all this fails, a hair transplant can be an option. A perfect hair transplant in Ottawa can be performed by an experienced surgeon to ensure a high-quality hair transplant with 100% natural results.