Scarred Scalp and the Hair Restoration


Baldness or alopecia comes under secondary as compared to the scalp injury of some dermatologic diseases or any other subsequent scarring alopecia. In the medical world, a scar is known as cicatrix
The certain common causes behind the scarring alopecia can be the injury of the scalp caused by any of the following reason:
·       Trauma
·       Thermal burns
·       Chemical burns
·       Birth defects
·       Radiation therapy
·       Infections
·       Electrical burns
·       Some diseases that can destroy hair follicles and tissues of the scalp
The scarring alopecia can happen to the complete scalp or to some portion of the scalp. The extent of the scarring alopecia, the selection of the hair restoration procedures is done with the option of the available donor sites or according to the wish of the patient.
·       Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
The hairpieces, hair weaves, and the hair extensions can be helpful in the nom-surgical hair restoration in case of cicatricial alopecia. This is so obvious that caps, hats, scarves and any other type of headgear can be used to disguise the scarring scalp. But this could lead to the further hair loss. Also, the use of the hair restoration can have minimal effect to restore your hair.
·       Surgical Hair Restoration
If the cicatricial alopecia does not affect the whole scalp or some to the hair are available on the scalp then these can be used as a donor’s hair in order to perform restoration surgery. Also, there can be the option of the free or local flaps procedures. However, FUE hair transplant technique can be performed with the hair of beard or body hair.
The persons with dermatologic diseases are handled with proper care by the experts and can get the best hair transplant in Canada. However, the hair transplant procedure is carried out when the burned part is not active or burned part is out with a surgery.


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