Hair Loss in Women and What are the Ways to Stop it


Hair loss is the common problem in females. Most of the females suffering from the hair baldness problem due to some conditions such as bad lifestyle, chemical processing on hair and many others. Here some common reasons for hair fall in women are:

Physical stress

Physical stress plays an important role to increase the problem of hair loss in women. Any type of physical trauma such as car accident, surgery, and severe sickness increases your hair loss problem.


Pregnancy is one of the perfect examples of the physical stress and also plays a major role to increase the hair baldness problem. After pregnancy, hair loss is the common problem and mostly women face this problem.

Lack of protein

Most of the women don’t take proper care of their health because of their busy days so if you don’t take protein on your regular diet then you may face hair loss problem so it is very important to take protein and supplements.

Take medications

This is also the main reason of the women hair loss. Most of the women take unwanted medicines that’s why they are suffering from the hair baldness problem. If you take any medicines first consult with the doctor and then take it.


Choose to correct shampoo and conditioner

If you want to stop serious hair loss problem so it is an essential to use best shampoo and conditioners. Because of not using the correct shampoo leads to the hair baldness problem. So it is very important to apply shampoo in your hair in the correct way. After applying shampoo then you can use conditioner for silky hair.

Apply oil regularly

You can apply oil regularly in your hair. This is very beneficial to your hair and reduces the hair baldness problem very easily.

Don’t use chemical treatment

Nowadays chemical treatment is very demanding and mostly youngster apply chemical on hair to change the looks of hairs such as straightening, rebounding, hot ironing and styling these all are the common things but this treatment leads the hair loss problems.

Apply natural juices

Natural juices are very beneficial for our health and you can apply in hairs also. This is one of the effective home remedies to control the hair loss problem and also improves your hair texture as well.

Regular exercise

Do regular exercise such as yoga, walking and swimming this is very helpful to improve your hair loss problem. You can do exercise 30-40 minutes daily.


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