Scarred Scalp and the Hair Restoration


Baldness or alopecia comes under secondary as compared to the scalp injury of some dermatologic diseases or any other subsequent scarring alopecia. In the medical world, a scar is known as cicatrix
The certain common causes behind the scarring alopecia can be the injury of the scalp caused by any of the following reason:
·       Trauma
·       Thermal burns
·       Chemical burns
·       Birth defects
·       Radiation therapy
·       Infections
·       Electrical burns
·       Some diseases that can destroy hair follicles and tissues of the scalp
The scarring alopecia can happen to the complete scalp or to some portion of the scalp. The extent of the scarring alopecia, the selection of the hair restoration procedures is done with the option of the available donor sites or according to the wish of the patient.
·       Non-Surgical Hair Restoration
The hairpieces, hair weaves, and the hair extensions can be helpful in the nom-surgical hair restoration in case of cicatricial alopecia. This is so obvious that caps, hats, scarves and any other type of headgear can be used to disguise the scarring scalp. But this could lead to the further hair loss. Also, the use of the hair restoration can have minimal effect to restore your hair.
·       Surgical Hair Restoration
If the cicatricial alopecia does not affect the whole scalp or some to the hair are available on the scalp then these can be used as a donor’s hair in order to perform restoration surgery. Also, there can be the option of the free or local flaps procedures. However, FUE hair transplant technique can be performed with the hair of beard or body hair.
The persons with dermatologic diseases are handled with proper care by the experts and can get the best hair transplant in Canada. However, the hair transplant procedure is carried out when the burned part is not active or burned part is out with a surgery.


Hair Loss in Women and What are the Ways to Stop it


Hair loss is the common problem in females. Most of the females suffering from the hair baldness problem due to some conditions such as bad lifestyle, chemical processing on hair and many others. Here some common reasons for hair fall in women are:

Physical stress

Physical stress plays an important role to increase the problem of hair loss in women. Any type of physical trauma such as car accident, surgery, and severe sickness increases your hair loss problem.


Pregnancy is one of the perfect examples of the physical stress and also plays a major role to increase the hair baldness problem. After pregnancy, hair loss is the common problem and mostly women face this problem.

Lack of protein

Most of the women don’t take proper care of their health because of their busy days so if you don’t take protein on your regular diet then you may face hair loss problem so it is very important to take protein and supplements.

Take medications

This is also the main reason of the women hair loss. Most of the women take unwanted medicines that’s why they are suffering from the hair baldness problem. If you take any medicines first consult with the doctor and then take it.


Choose to correct shampoo and conditioner

If you want to stop serious hair loss problem so it is an essential to use best shampoo and conditioners. Because of not using the correct shampoo leads to the hair baldness problem. So it is very important to apply shampoo in your hair in the correct way. After applying shampoo then you can use conditioner for silky hair.

Apply oil regularly

You can apply oil regularly in your hair. This is very beneficial to your hair and reduces the hair baldness problem very easily.

Don’t use chemical treatment

Nowadays chemical treatment is very demanding and mostly youngster apply chemical on hair to change the looks of hairs such as straightening, rebounding, hot ironing and styling these all are the common things but this treatment leads the hair loss problems.

Apply natural juices

Natural juices are very beneficial for our health and you can apply in hairs also. This is one of the effective home remedies to control the hair loss problem and also improves your hair texture as well.

Regular exercise

Do regular exercise such as yoga, walking and swimming this is very helpful to improve your hair loss problem. You can do exercise 30-40 minutes daily.

Early Hair Loss – The Young patient


Many experts do not recommend hair transplant treatment for the patients who are younger than 20 years old. However, there are many patients who suffer from hair loss problem at a very early age and they are seeking for the solution immediately. But immediate surgery is not recommended for anyone who is under the age of 20 years. Before taking the decision for the surgery, there are certainly other factors that are needed to be concentrated.

The very first step is to analyze the causes behind the hair loss problem. The factors contributing the hair loss can be health conditions, diet, and genetics.

But if the loss of hair is due to pattern baldness then it could be very difficult to determine the pattern of hair loss at very early age due to the progression of the condition.

Before hair transplant treatment there are few other options that can be considered.

Some oral drugs can be recommended to slow down the process of hair loss problem. Then after 12 months surgeons will examine the scalp to check the progression of hair. If there is the need to perform the hair transplant treatment only then doctors go for it but do not perform in the vertex area.

The risk of the younger hair transplant is the factor of future hair loss still there. Therefore, the proper understanding of the patient’s history is important.

Anyhow, having the hair transplant in Canada will help you to solve all the worries related to the hair loss in the younger patient.