What are the Causes behind Poor Hair Growth after Surgery?


There are many number causes that can lead to the poor growth of hair after the surgery. However, some are preoperative causes, while others can be the result of something that happens during or after the surgery.

The common preoperative factors include the use of cigarette, diabetes, vascular disorders and undiagnosed Cicatricial Alopecia etc. that can lead to the disorder which results in destroying the hair follicles due to which scars are left.

Another common cause of the poor hair growth is the damage of the tissue in the process of harvesting, trimming, and insertion. As the depth of each hair follicle varies throughout the scalp, therefore, during the harvesting process, it is mandatory for the surgeons to make a clear view through the microscope so that damage does not occur. They need a strong concentration on the target and avoid losing their positions.

If the insertion process is not performed carefully then grafts can become dehydrated. It can cause irreversible damage within few minutes. In order to prevent the damage, it is important to make the storage for grafts in a cool hydrated medium.

Some of the surgeons perform dense packing that means they transplant more than 30 follicular units in a square centimeter. When too many hair follicles are transplanted then this causes the poor growth of hair. Blood supply would not have been possible in the tight packing of grafts.

In order to get a good growth of hair after the surgery then you can have the best hair transplant in India. Getting the treatment from well-reputed surgeon can give the best results.


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