Dense Packing in Hair Transplant

Dense and healthy hairs are sign of charming personality with immense confidence. Hair loss decrease confidence and make the person look older than age. For getting back the charming look person seek for hair transplant or may be some other methods. But few questions insist him to scratch his head.

Can I get back my same look?

Can I get natural hair after treatment?

Can I restore my hair for lifetime?

Can I get the same density of hair after surgery?

Earlier it might be difficult but today it is possible to get the same density and natural look of hair for lifetime. Even it is possible to have ultra dense packing of hair after transplantation.

Density being the first concern for the patient before surgery so expert surgeons try to achieve the expected results for density and natural look. Basically hair density is measured by the number of follicles present in per square centimeter of scalp. This count can vary person to person so each patient can have different expectations for the results after surgery.

Before the surgery surgeon must diagnose for the density of hair and requirement of grafts for achieving the same density to meet the exact requirements of each patient.

Lateral slit technique for expected density

For dense hair lateral slit technique is the advanced technique to achieve the feasible results. These slits allow having better control on the angle and direction of each graft and even Shingling effect which lead to surrounding hair each other and make the illusion of greater visual coverage of thinning top.

So lateral slits have made it possible to customize the harvesting of grafts in bald area for dense packing.