FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Like FUE is FUT system, which is otherwise called Follicular Unit Transplantation or strip hair transplant methodology. Under this system, the plastic specialists uproot a straight piece of hair and tissue from the back of the scalp and after that the professionals dismember it into single follicular units, post which they are migrated into bare or diminishing regions over the crown and the contributor site wound is then shut by taking after a surgical procedure. Be that as it may, under this system, the patient recovers a straight scar on the of his head which could be unmistakable in some kind of haircut.

On the off chance that we analyze FUE and FUT then both the strategies have their own particular advantages. Alike FUT, in which the patient has almost no union misfortune while reaping, FUE includes a greater rate of same. In this way we can say that FUT could be called unrivaled if the individual requires more unites in his lifetime.

Then again, FUE has a major rundown of points of interest, for example,

1.It is a scarless and a stitchless hair transplant

2.Less obtrusive

3.Results in little territories of male pattern baldness

4.Can likewise be performed on whiskers , mustache , eyebrow and eyelash

5.Success rate is higher if hair is transplanted from a non-scalp territory, for example, leg and mid-section

FUE and FUT, both the procedures have their own advantages and disadvantages (as examined above) along these lines a patient must do his own particular examination to become acquainted with what he should choose to complete his hair transplant.